Aging isn’t just confined to our faces. While the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on our foreheads is likely the first indication of getting older, other parts of the body can gradually struggle as well. Unfortunately, the breasts are not immune from the aging process and can begin to sag over time. Until now, many believed that the only way to restore one’s breasts was to get breast lift surgery. Fortunately, other options exist as well. Here at Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics, we offer the effective Vampire Breast Lift® treatment to help you rejuvenate your body.


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What Is a Vampire Breast Lift®?

Modeled after the Vampire Facelift® procedure, the Vampire Breast Lift® relies on the use of special growth factors found in your blood. We’re talking of course about plasma and its effects on the growth of new collagen and fatty tissue.

During this treatment process, we extract plasma from your blood cells and re-inject it into your breast tissue. This gives you naturally lifted, plumper, and younger-looking breasts.

What Does the Treatment Address?

The procedure was created to address several concerns including blood circulation in the breasts, breast shape, and sensation. Along with this, the treatment has been shown to correct inverted nipples and crinkling, or crepe-paper skin around the cleavage area.

How Does This Treatment Work?

During your visit, Dr. Gordon will begin by first evaluating the status of your breasts. Once she has determined how to proceed based on your needs, she will perform a routine blood draw. Then, the plasma will be extracted from the blood using a centrifuge.

Afterward, she will inject the plasma into your breast tissue to stimulate new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow). The injection process is done using a numbing cream and a very small needle (for almost no pain).

What Results Can I Expect From My Vampire Breast Lift®?

The best part of the Vampire Breast Lift® treatment is it causes gradual improvement over the course of 2-3 months. The results then last for at least 1-2 years following the injection session. There is minimal pain and almost no downtime after the procedure. You can have the procedure at noon and then go out to dinner that night!

Vampire Breast Lift® Treatments in West Columbia, SC

If you’ve become acutely aware of the effects of age on your breasts, we can help. Dr. Gordon and the rest of our team of dedicated professionals can administer effective Vampire Breast Lift® treatments to help you restore your look. To get started, please click the button below or call (803) 814-2288. We are available 24/7 and accommodate same-day appointments.