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Sagging breasts after childbirth is something that many women tend to experience. That being said, having a child isn’t the only reason for the development of sagging breasts. Aging, collagen deficiency, and simply gravity can all contribute to breast laxity. Though this isn’t a medical concern, it can cause us to feel quite unhappy with the way we look. If you struggle with this issue, you may be tempted to opt for a surgical breast lift, but what if there was another way? At Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics, we provide the powerful Vampire Breast Lift® procedure to give you great results with little if any downtime!


What Causes Sagging Breasts?

The most common cause of sagging breasts is aging. The truth is that as we get older, our bodies develop less collagen and our skin becomes much laxer. Along with this, multiple pregnancies and the onset of menopause can also cause breast laxity to develop and worsen over time. Regardless of the cause, if you are unhappy with your breasts there are ways of improving their look without having to opt for surgery.

What Are the Signs of Sagging Breasts?

Sagging breasts can be more apparent if you have large breasts to begin with. While laxity can affect any size, larger breasts can succumb to sagging faster and show more apparent signs. Beyond that, the development of this issue doesn’t present with medical concerns. If you are past the age of 30, you may notice other areas of your body such as your stomach begin to sag as well.

What Are Some Treatment Options?

We provide the Vampire Breast Lift® treatment to improve the appearance of your breasts. During this treatment, we perform a routine blood draw and then place the extracted blood into a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates out the plasma necessary for the treatment. Afterward, we inject the plasma into your breast tissue to stimulate new collagen, fatty tissue, and blood vessel growth. The injection process is done using a numbing cream and a very small needle to minimize any discomfort you may experience.

Treating Sagging Breasts in West Columbia, SC

Improving the appearance of your breasts doesn’t have to involve surgery. Here at our West Columbia office, we offer the Vampire Breast Lift® treatment to give you beautiful results without downtime. We accommodate same-day appointments, as well as 24/7 access via phone, email, or text. To get started, simply click the button below or give us a call at (803) 814-2288.




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