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Microdermabrasion Treatments

Treating your outer beauty can have a huge impact on your inner wellness. Confidence can lift us up and can motivate us to try new things, and begin taking better care of ourselves. While some issues can be covered up by makeup issues such as acne scars and aging skin can be tough to deal with. Thankfully, our microdermabrasion treatments can provide you with the skin healing you need to look and feel great. If you’re ready to experience the best care on this side of West Columbia, we invite you to connect with our team at Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics.


 Our microdermabrasion treatment is designed to address the appearance of acne scars, bad skin texture, and discoloration by exfoliating the topmost layer of your skin, leaving it more supple and vibrant. This treatment also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance. Microdermabrasion facial treatments are a fast, non-invasive way to treat a range of skin concerns with only minimal discomfort and no downtime.

What Do Microdermabrasion Treatments Address?

Many of our patients ask us if microdermabrasion is good for acne. If you have acne scarring, you can rest assured that this treatment can help address your problem. That being said, microdermabrasion doesn’t just stop there. This amazing skin rejuvenation method is designed to tackle a variety of conditions including stretch marks, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. If you’re curious about learning more, we welcome you to set up a consultation with Dr. Gordon today.

How Does This Treatment Work?

During your microdermabrasion treatment, you’ll relax as one of our team members treats your skin with the handheld application wand. Rotating at high speed, the device will gently exfoliate your skin using tiny aluminum oxide crystals. This process will remove the outer layer of your skin and safely vacuum all debris away. The treatment session can last from 5-60 minutes depending on the extent of your skin concerns.

Results and Benefits of Microdermabrasion

The duration of your treatment and the number of sessions you need will vary depending on your skin type and condition. That being said, results from this treatment are gradual but really effective. You are likely to experience softer, smoother skin after even the initial treatment session. The major benefits of this treatment are that it doesn’t require downtime, nor does it involve the addition of anything external to your system.

Microdermabrasion Treatments in West Columbia, SC

Happiness starts with improving your inner and outer selves. If you struggle with skin concerns and are looking for a natural solution, our microdermabrasion treatment might be just what you need. Get started by clicking the button below or calling (803) 814-2288. We  accommodate same-day appointments.


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