What is the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™?

Our Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ is a treatment method that combines medication and expert guidance to help you address your arthritis pain symptoms. This treatment is an excellent alternative to getting knee replacement surgery. Unlike surgery, our protocol does not involve extensive procedures that require long recovery times. Best of all, our approach is personalized, taking your individual needs and condition into account.

What Does AARP Address?

Osteoarthritis occurs gradually over time as the cartilage between bones wears away and becomes frayed and rough. As the condition gets worse, the bone begins to bow inward or outward, forming spurs and causing more pain. Our Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ addresses the pain caused by the deterioration of cartilage through the use of injectable treatments. Along with this, we use imaging technology and recommend exercises to improve knee function and help you maintain your condition.

Our AARP treatment involves viscosupplementation, fluoroscopy screenings, and rehabilitation. Viscosupplementation refers to the injection of gel-like substances called hyaluronates that supplement the viscous properties of synovial fluid found in your joints. To ensure precise injections, we perform fluoroscopy screenings to view the inside of your joints in real-time. Along with injections, we also offer rehabilitation in the form of knee exercises using state-of-the-art equipment and unloading knee braces.

What Results Can I Expect?

In clinical trials, our viscosupplementation injections have shown a 92.7% effectiveness in pain relief and are covered by most major insurances including Medicare. With a combination of injections and rehabilitation, you can experience a significant reduction in arthritis-related pain. Best of all, the injections involved in AARP are FDA-approved and require no downtime, unlike major knee surgery. If you are experiencing osteoarthritis pain and are considering a surgical procedure, AARP may serve as an excellent alternative.

Osteoarthritis Relief in West Columbia, SC

If you are struggling with osteoarthritis, we can provide you with effective relief through our AARP treatment program. 

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